Terms of Use

Essential reading

Refunds are only available within 24 hours of receipt of your Username and Password, or if you haven’t logged in to the system at all.

In the case of any refund a AUD$150.00 administration fee will be deducted from your refund.

Refunds will not be considered after six months from registration.

Timed courses
Computer Reservations Systems . You have a set number of hours in which to complete the course and 1800 days in which to do so.

Most students find the time allowed to be adequate, however if you do need more time additional hours are available to be purchased.

Conditions of Study

By registering for a course and by payment of the course fees, you have agreed to the conditions of study:

  • The work you submit will be yours and yours alone
  • You have read and understood the Copyright and Content information
  • You will notify Hayton Administration in writing (e-mail is fine) if you need to delay or postpone the course.
  • You will complete all online and any written coursework within the timeframe specified for each course.

Student Support Services
Hayton College’s courses are designed to be self-explanatory, however,if you do need occasional help or have a query the course does not seem to answer, e-mail assistance is provided as part of the course delivery.