E-learning Certification

E-LearningSince 1976 Hayton has looked for and developed flexible delivery methods to enable busy people to gain real workplace skills and qualifications in a way most suitable to their learning requirements and busy work / life schedules.

With the start of the internet, Hayton was the first travel industry training college in Australia and one of the first worldwide, to see the possibilities and opportunities for the flexible delivery that this medium allows.  Our GDS (Global Reservation Systems) also called  CRS (Computer Reservation Systems)  are interactive online programs engaging students from the first screens of the courses.

Hayton online courses are not static, students actually read about what they will do in a REAL workplace situation and then they actually DO IT – just as if they were working.  Ideally suited to Travel Industry Training where employees work in computer reservations systems each day, our online learning (e-learning) is the most effective way to develop and increase tourism skills and knowledge!

The Learning Management System

The LMS or Learning Management System is a highly sophisticated tool which tracks students:

1. Log in time and date
2. Log out time and date
3. The number of screens looked at each log in
4. Quiz Scores
5. Assessment Scores
6. Number of Quiz Attempts
7. Number of Assessment Attempts
8. Quiz and Assessment Feedback

Inside the Learning Management System (LMS) is tool which makes it possible to keep track of a student’s progress and help them achieve their training goals.

The Benefits of Online Learning:

1. Online Delivery means students can study at their own time and at their own pace from any location WORLDWIDE with “one to one” tutor support.

2.  Online learning allows students who work during the day or work shifts to study in their own time at home or after work in the office. This way students can achieve the same goals – new skills and qualifications. Certificates issued on successful completion of online courses have the same weight as classroom certification and will look impressive attached to your new CV.

3. There is a cost saving for working students as they do not have travel home late at night after classroom training or travel to another city and  pay for accommodation.

4. On successful course completion, students will have an industry recognised certificate. Check back to our website regularly for the availability of future online courses.

5. Most importantly of all, students will have new skills and knowledge to demonstrate on the job!