Career Opportunities in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Globally, the Travel and Tourism Industry is a dynamic industry and despite current Covid-19 limitations it is expected that there will be  more jobs in all sectors requiring industry skills as the world emerges from this once in a lifetime event. The aviation sector, travel agency sector, the consolidator sector will all need trained and retrained personnel. Our training programs are designed to give you the background knowledge and the skills which are so important when you apply for jobs in the above operations areas. We currently offer training to people who want to work in the “travel” sectors such as those listed below:

  • Airlines
  • Airline wholesale companies/reservations
  • General sales agents (GSAs)
  • Travel marketing & promotion
  • Tour wholesaler companies:
  • Inbound tour operators
  • Ticket Consolidators
  • Conference and incentive planners
  • Retail travel agencies
  • Group travel companies
  • Corporate travel companies
  • Cruise lines
  • Car rental companies
  • Hotel reservations and representation companies
  • Coach companies
  • Overseas, national and state Tourism Offices
  • Travel insurance companies