About Hayton

Hayton CollegeIf this is your first introduction to Hayton Travel College, you should know that we are Australia’s oldest private Travel  Industry Training Organisation, offering training in the essential skills of the Travel Industry since 1976.

The College’s courses have been recognised for Travel Agent Licensing purposes and for IATA accreditation since 1976 and industry recognised Travel Consultant courses have been nationally recognised since the start of accreditation and recognition.

Hayton College delivered classroom training courses to airline personnel, travel agents and employees of many travel related companies as well as industry entrants with no previous experience of the Travel Business.  With the start of the internet Hayton recognised that Industry Skills could be taught more effectively online in an environment that exactly reproduces the travel workplace.  All  courses are developed by travel industry professionals, in conjunction with key travel industry bodies, associations and businesses.  Courses are updated regularly in line with industry changes.

Hayton graduates can be found in all areas of the industry, many have now achieved Executive status which  broadens our feedback and ability to liaise with the Industry at decision making levels as well as operations areas.

Our associate industry Company, a is directly involved in International Travel Sales and Marketing with extensive experience in Airline, Hotel, Car Rental and other travel product reservations.

All course development is planned with input from our own industry experiences, feedback from many major travel companies at all levels and consultants who work in all areas of the  industry.  Additionally,  our Trainers and writers are all industry personnel whose extensive travel and training experiences are an integral part of the learning process offered by the College.

Hayton graduates enter the industry with well-developed technical skills, which means an easy and confident transition to the workplace.

Hayton College is the travel industry recommended training provider for first-time travel job seekers.

The College also supplies industry training to major airlines and travel companies in Australia and the South Pacific.

The skills learned on our courses are those of the global Travel and Tourism market and our certification is recognised internationally. This means graduates can be confident transferring the course skills into the global market place.

As well as graduates in the South Pacific,  Hayton College Online has graduates in such far flung places as Outer Mongolia, Dubai, Moscow, Israel and the United Kingdom. Hayton College Online offers global skills and qualifications for the travel industry from this website.

Hayton Pty Ltd ABN: 17 001388 101